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Wiseman Sows Seeds

Начинается: Wiseman Casian
Ограничения: Уровень 28 и выше
Требования: Нет
Повторяемый: Да

Квест начинается у Wiseman Casian.

Did you know that at one time this barren wasteland was one of the most fertile places in Aden? For centuries farmers sowed their seeds and harvested abundant crops here. Ah, yes, those were the days... But then that devil Beleth and his minions arrived. We had to come up with a resolution quickly. We were compelled to at last open the forbidden spellbook... For two days and nights fire rained down on us and dark magic swept the land like a whirlwind... It wasn't at all what we'd anticipated... I couldn't bear to stay in this ruined place, so I wandered the world for many years. But now I find myself drawn back, hoping to somehow restore this land to its former beauty. I shan't be able to do this alone...

Спросите его, “What can I do to help?”

The magic we unwittingly unleashed came from “Kranvel's Spellbook”, one of the forbidden tomes of the Ivory Tower. Its fearsome power sucked the magic from all living organisms in the area, and then unleashed it all back upon us with a vengeance! Poor Spellsinger Diena saw the whole thing and fell into a deep state of shock. As she shed blood and tears, she destroyed the book and scattered it to the wind... She was determined that no one should ever use such evil magic again... We couldn't stop her! We all felt as if we were in a terrible nightmare, and just stared blankly at her... But now we know that that spellbook is the key to the restoration of this place. Please find the pieces of the book that were scattered to the wind.

Поинтересуйтесь, “Where should I look for the pieces of “Kranvel's Spellbook”?"

Ironically, the deformed beasts around us hold the clues to finding the legacy of Kranvel. Giant ants are known to pick up anything they find and take it to their nests. It is said that they have collected a great number of ancient relics and taken them to their nest in the maze-like caves beneath the wasteland. You will most likely find the pieces of “Kranvel's Spellbook” in the Ant Nest. You mustn't attempt this alone! Take some reliable colleagues along with you.

Естественно, “You can count on me.” Квест взят.

In order to obtain the pieces of the spellbook, you must conquer the ant recruits, ant patrols, ant guards, the noble ant and the noble ant leader. Check carefully any scraps of paper you come across. The pieces of “Kranvel's Spellbook” should be easy to identify. The spellbook has four chapters: the Chapter of Fire, the Chapter of Water, the Chapter of Wind and the Chapter of Earth. The contents will only be discernible if you recover all four chapters. This is a challenging task, but I think you are ready for it. May the divine blessing be with you...

Вам нужно выбивать Spellbook Page. Убивайте Male Ant, Ant Recruit, Ant Patrol, Ant Guard, Cave Ant Larva, Cave Ant, Noble Ant, Cave Ant Soldier, Noble Ant Leader, Cave Noble Ant, и пробуйте каждый полученный Spellbook Page (двойным кликом) прочесть. Некоторые из них окажутся Kranvel's Spellbook: Chapter of Water, Kranvel's Spellbook: Chapter of Wind, Kranvel's Spellbook: Chapter of Fire или Kranvel's Spellbook: Chapter of Earth, а большинство – простыми Scroll of Escape. Собрав некоторое количество глав (можете собирать сколько угодно), возвращайтесь к Casian-у.

The wind is unusually scorching today... Do you feel it? The angry cries of the souls of those who perished here seem carried on the blistering breeze across the Wasteland... Forgive me. This place has that effect on me. By the way, how are things at the Ant Nest?

Ответствуйте, “I have brought all four chapters of «Kranvel's Spellbook"."

Let's see, the Chapter of Fire, the Chapter of Water, the Chapter of Wind, and the Chapter of Earth... you have brought them all! Perhaps your discovery will lead to a way to restore this ruined place. At last I shall be redeemed... This is all thanks to you. Please accept this humble token of my appreciation. But this sad chapter is not yet complete... The dark magic that caused this disaster had many sources, united in their power and holding copies of “Kranvel's Spellbook”! Alas, it's true! There remain many pieces of that horrid tome scattered about the inside of the Ant Nest. If I am to continue my research, and above all to keep this dreadful power from falling into the wrong hands, the remaining fragments of “Kranvel's Spellbook” must be recovered! Please help!

Награда за каждый полный комплект из четырех глав – 3600 аден. Вы можете продолжать собирать их сколько угодно.

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