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A Trip Begins

Начинается: Mirabel
Ограничения: Уровень 3 и выше
Требования: Только для светлых эльфов
Повторяемый: Нет

Квест начинается у Gatekeeper Mirabel.

I'm one of the few who truly grasps this world, yet I can't claim to understand all the people in it. I know it's hard to find a place as peaceful as our Elven Forest, but the outside world also has much to offer, especially Giran. We shouldn't just stick to our forest, but interact with others to try and understand them!

Сообщите ей, что “I want to see the world”!

There is no shadow of the Mother Tree out there and it will be hard to find Eva's divine protection out in the world. Consult someone with experience, like Trader Ariel. He's traveled extensively and will know how you should prepare yourself.

Проследуйте к Ariel.

You're not here for the merchandise, are you? So you want to travel?... To the outside world? You adventurous young Elves are getting younger all the time... It makes me feel so melancholy... You know, it's very different out there! Nothing at all like this peaceful forest that's protected by the Mother Tree! There are many different races out in the world, and their customs can seem strange or even barbaric to us Elves! Are you sure you want to go there?

Несомненно, вы “I want to see the outside world.”

Well, if you've got your mind made up, I won't try to stop you... You young Elves always have to learn things the hard way! Fortunately for you, Hierarch Asterios is sponsoring young Elves who want to experience the outside world. I'll write you a letter of Recommendation. Take it with you when you go to see him!

Он даст вам Ariel's Recommendation.
Теперь идите к Asterios.

I recently received a message from Ariel. The outside world of the Humans who exiled us here has changed very much, to the point that it is unrecognizable to us Elves, living in isolation. Their world is now one of total chaos! Far be it for me to deny a young Elf his travels, but I must remind you, there's much to be done here at home. You must prioritize. Remember your home and the sacred Mother Tree! You must promise to return one day!

Вы – “I shall return!”

The outside world is a terribly chaotic place, nothing like our beautiful Elven Forest. Don't get me wrong, we have our share of problems, but nothing approaching the ravages that plague the world of the Humans. But I've always said, “All young Elves should see Giran Castle Town at least once!” It's a Human village and an important travel hub. It's also a microcosm of the outside world and would be the perfect place for you to start your journey. When you're ready to go, speak with Gatekeeper Mirabel. I'll ask her to help you.

Возвращайтесь к Mirabel.

Hierarch Asterios told me you would come. Are you prepared?

Вы, конечно, “I'm ready”!
Мирабель подарит вам Scroll of Escape to Giran Castle Town и Mark of Traveler.

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