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A Dark Twilight

Начинается: Hierarch
Ограничения: Уровень 60 и выше
Требования: Нет
Повторяемый: Да

Квест начинается у Hierarch.

We think alike, you and me! Will you join us in our work to make this world a better place? We're making great advances every day, but there are some who are jealous and are trying to interfere with our work... They're keeping us from attaining our goal! Will you help us?

Скажите ему, “I will help you”.

Your passionate resolve is breathtaking! Your job is deceptively simple! You must merely exterminate those execrable servants of Einhasad that infest this altar. They're called the Eye of Splendor, Flash of Splendor, Blade of Splendor, Wisdom of Splendor, Soul of Splendor, Victory of Splendor, Vengeance of Splendor, Shout of Splendor, Seal of Splendor, Crown of Splendor and Wailing of Splendor. Slaughter them all! As proof of their demise, bring back 300 units of Blood of Saint, the source of their power.

Теперь вам нужно выбить 300 штук Blood of Saint. Чтобы собирать Blood of Saint, убивайте: Eye of Splendor, Blade of Splendor, Flash of Splendor, Wisdom of Splendor, Soul of Splendor, Punishment of Splendor, Victory of Splendor, Shout of Splendor, Crown of Splendor, Signet of Splendor, Wailing of Splendor. Вероятность получить Blood of Saint из этих монстров – разная. Набив нужное количество, возвращайтесь к Hierarch.

Have you brought the Blood of Saint? Your success has helped us achieve our goal! We couldn't have done it without you! Now choose your reward!

Спросите, “A reward”?

Here you go! Take your pick! Of course, you must first give me 300 units of Blood of Saint. Just put it over there. Now choose your reward!

Вы можете выбрать два варианта:

1. “Increase Exp and SP”.

Good choice! I hope you're satisfied! The proofs you brought will be very useful to us. Just wait!

Наградой послужат 162773 EXP и 12500 SP.

2. “Receive adena”.

Good choice! I hope you're satisfied! The proofs you brought will be very useful to us. Just wait!

Наградой послужит 100000 аден.

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