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Acts of Evil

Начинается: Guard Alvah
Ограничения: Уровень 27 и выше
Требования: Нет
Повторяемый: Нет

Квест начинается у Guard Alvah.

We have had many problems lately from the Turek orcs. The worst has been their looting and pillaging! Recently a wagon crossing the Dark Elven Forest was attacked and all the cargo stolen. The Aden Trade Uni on has filed a formal request for assistance from the Gludio Guards! Unfortunately, since the ol mahums are constantly trying to sneak into Gludin Village, the guards cannot leave their posts even for a moment! There has been much discussion on this subject, and we have come to the conclusion that our only option at this point is to hire mercenaries to drive out the Turek orcs. It is quite troubling to be compelled to trust our future to outsiders... What's that? You are a mercenary? What a stroke of luck! Would you consider helping us?

Как истинный патриот Глудина, вы “Yes, I will help.”

Excellent! Now listen carefully. First you must meet with Trader Arodin and get the details of the raid that occurred day before yesterday. Determine exactly which items were stolen from the cargo wagon. Trader Arodin can be found in the Weapons Store.

Идите к Trader Arodin.

Are you a mercenary sent by the guards? I suppose you know about my situation? 20 sword blade molds that were to be delivered to the Dark Elves were stolen by orcs. Dark Elves are very strict about such things... If they don't receive their order on time, they might sever our business relationship. If that happens, we stand to lose vast amounts of adena... Please help us! Recover the cargo stolen by the Turek orcs and deliver it to Dark Elven Trader Tyra. You will find her in her store in the western part of the Altar of Rites. Ah, before you go, let me tell you something interesting. Recently, I heard a rumor...

Потребуйте “Tell me about the rumor!”

Witnesses said that several ol mahums were with the orcs when they raided the cargo wagon. This is the first I've heard of orcs and ol mahums working cooperatively... Something strange is going on. Please be careful.

Убивайте Turek Orc Footman, Turek Orc Archer, Turek Orc Supplier или Turek Orc Skirmisher, чтобы собрать 20 Blade Mold. На пятой штуке рядом с орком появится Ol Mahum Support Troop, также есть вероятность появления махумов на любом молде после 10-го. Собрав нужное количество Blade Mold, отправляйтесь к Tyra.

Hmm, I ordered the mold over a month ago... This merchandise is a week late and it looks like it's been damaged. Regardless of whether the cargo was stolen or not, you're responsible for delivering the goods on time. However, it is true that Turek orcs are carrying out raids of unprecedented audacity. I will make an exception this time. This time I will pay you, as specified in the Contract. From now on, please make sure that my orders arrive on time. Give this bill to Trader Arodin.

Она даст вам Tyra's Bill. Возвращайтесь с ним к Trader Arodin.

Good job! You have saved our business relationship with the Dark Elves. Guard Alvah is expecting you. You should report to him right away.

Возвращайтесь к Guard Alvah.

I just received a message from Trader Arodin detailing the success of your mission! He asked me to extend his gratitude to you for your efforts. Good job! Unfortunately, now we have another, even more dangerous problem! Word has come that the ol mahums are planning an all-out attack on Gludin Village! Sir Klaus Vasper discounts the danger of this, but...

Спокойной жизни не будет, “It appears that the Turek orcs have joined forces with the ol mahums.”

What's that? Ol mahums in the Orc Barracks...? Certainly this proves they are planning an attack! This is most distressing!... I fear this still won't be enough to persuade Sir Klaus Vasper. We must try to get more information from the patrols that were sent to spy on the ol mahums... They were last known to be hiding from the ol mahums in the Ruins of Agony. I fear they may have been killed by the Tumran bugbears that roam that desolate place... Please find out what has become of our patrols. This is of utmost importance! I must know what happened to them!

Теперь нужно найти 4 части потерянных Ranger's Report. Убивайте Tumran Bugbear и Tumran Bugbear Warrior, чтобы добыть Ranger's Report - Part 1, Ranger's Report - Part 2, Ranger's Report - Part 3 и Ranger's Report - Part 4. Собрав все 4 части, возвращайтесь к Guard Alvah.

So sad. Those heroic patrolmen gave their lives for this information... Let's see... What's this? Ol mahums allied with Dwarves...?! What treachery! This is treason! We must tread carefully, my friend. The influence of the Dwarven Guild cannot be ignored. If we rushed in and made such charges that were later proven untrue, we would be in serious trouble. We need proof of this conspiracy of Dwarves and ol mahums! Go to the Abandoned Camp and check out the ol mahum generals. That should yield some proof.

Алва поручит вам убивать Ol Mahum General, чтобы добыть Weapons Trade Contract и Attack Directives. Когда получите эти предметы, возвращайтесь к уже полюбившемуся Guard Alvah.

Have you found proof of the alliance? What's this? Ol mahum's operation orders? Let me see that... This is unbelievable...! The ol mahums' target is not Gludin Village after all! They intend to seize the Orc Barracks! Those deceitful beasts plan to falsely pledge an alliance with the orcs, send them off to train for the attack on Gludin Village and then seize their unguarded barracks! What treacherous creatures they are! If the ol mahums are allowed to take the take the western part of Gludin Village and also establish a base in the north, we will be completely cut off!

Давайте, “Show him the Weapons Trade Contract.”

A Contract? What's this? Hmmm, a Contract to purchase a large supplies of weapons. Look at this seal at the bottom! The mark of a Dwarven Guild! Could this be the proof we need that Dwarves are providing ol mahums with weapons? We must find out which guild uses this seal, but we can't ask the Dwarves directly... Have you met Neti, who lives in this village? Ask her! She used to live among the Dwarves in Schuttgart and knows their ways.

Теперь вам нужно найти Neti.

I have a basic idea of your situation... Could I take a look at the Contract? This is the mark of the Silver Scale guild. Trader Rolento is the only Dwarf in this area who belongs to that guild... However, he would never supply weapons to the ol mahums... I'm sure there must have been a misunderstanding! Or, maybe someone framed him... If you met him you would realize that I know what I'm talking about. Please! Go and meet Rolento at the south entrance of the Wasteland, you'll realize he would never have done such a thing.

Отправляйтесь к Trader Rolento.

Ah, yes, this is my Contract. Is there a problem? What do you mean the ol mahums? What are you talking about? No way! That's not what happened...! Listen to me for a minute! A while back an ol mahum general came to me looking for a gift for the orcs. Apparently they had signed a peace agreement. He said that he wanted to present them with gifts as an expression of trust...

Конечно же, “Tell him about the invasion plans of the Turek orcs.”

He told me that the weapons would be used for hunting! He said that the Turek orcs were starving in the snow and needed the weapons to hunt wild hogs! He didn't say anything about an invasion. This is the first I've heard of that! Please believe me! Sigh! And I thought I had really hammered out a good deal with that creature... Damn those ol mahums! They're not going to get away with this! I have a plan!

Требуйте, пусть не расслабляется – “Tell me about your plan.”

Go to the Orc Barracks and deliver the weapons. You'll meet Turek Chief Burai there. Tell him of the ol mahums treachery. That should set his blood to boil! Take this mark from the Silver Scale Guild, and this Cargo Box as well. Don't worry. It's filled with crude weapons made of cheap brass.

Роленто даст вам Certificate of the Silver Scale Guild и Rolento's Cargobox. Отправляйтесь с ними к Turek Chief Burai.

Who let you in here? Did you see my soldiers out there? You're very brave, stranger! What's that about weapons? Ah, yes, the shipment from the ol mahums! But you don't look like a trader?! You look more like a mercenary!

Да, “Show him the mark from the Silver Scale Guild.”

That is just so Dwarf! They are such cowards! These weapons will mean that brave Turek Warriors no longer need fear the Humans! We shall crush them mercilessly! Tejakar Turek!

А вот так? “Show him the ol mahums' operation order.”

...? This is unbelievable! How dare they deceive us! Those filthy traitors!

Сообщите ему новость – “You've been played!”

Kaaah aak!!! Listen to me, brave Turek Warriors! Gludin is no longer our target! We must annihilate our true enemy! Tomorrow morning we shall attack the barracks of the ol mahums! You're a mercenary, right? Then I want to hire you to go and cut off the heads of the ol mahum captains! Bring me back at least 30 of their heads! Then I will give you a wonderful prize!

Ну что ж, теперь нужно убивать Ol Mahum Captain, чтобы собрать 30 замечательных Ol Mahum Captain's Head. Когда соберете, возвращайтесь к Turek Chief Burai.

Good job! 30 good ol mahums! This is just the beginning of the carnage! They shall rue the day they deceived us! We will attack their barracks at dawn and give no quarter! Go to Gludin and tell them that they are off the hook... For now. One day the mighty Turek tribe will sweep down like a black cloud and destroy them!

Бурай даст вам 8000 аден. Теперь возвращайтесь к Guard Alvah.

Good job! The invasion has failed! Now Turek orcs and ol mahums will only be concerned with killing each other. What a turn of fate. It has been said that one dedicated warrior can defeat an army, and you have proven this to be true. Please accept this token of appreciation from the Gludio Guards.

Алва даст вам остальную часть награды – 90000 аден.

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