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1000 years, the End of Lamentation

Начинается: Antharas Watchman Gilmore
Ограничения: Уровень 48 и выше
Требования: Нет
Повторяемый: Нет

Квест начинается у Antharas Watchman Gilmore.

I've not left Dragon Valley since I led my men here so many years ago to battle Antharas... I have accepted the inevitability of my eternal responsibility to watch over the beast. But my heart goes out to the loyal soldiers who lost their lives due to my stubborn ignorance. I have no other wish than to see their remains returned to their hometowns so they can rest in peace.

Скажите Гилмору, что “I will help you”. Квест взят.

Alas, their souls have been lost to the beast. Now they wander the valley, preying on innocent passersby. They have come to be known as cave servants.

“Tell me more, Gilmore.”

Surely you have heard of the untold numbers that have died trying to slay Antharas. The fortunate among them were called back to the bosom of Shilen. The unfortunate ones are now the cave servants. I couldn't begin to tell you how many there are now in the valley. You must simply kill as many as you can. There are several types of cave servants, among them cave servant archers, cave servant warriors, and cave servant captains. You must kill them all. If they leave any relics behind, please bring them to me. You shall be well-rewarded.

Чтобы собирать Articles of Dead Heroes, убивайте Cave Servant, Cave Servant Archer, Cave Servant Captain, Cave Servant Warrior, Royal Cave Servant. Набрав достаточное (для максимально удачного завершения квеста – 1000 шт.) количество Articles of Dead Heroes, снова подойдите к Antharas Watchman Gilmore.

Believe it or not we gave our lives willingly to save Giran! But we never counted on being here for eternity, let alone looking like this! It's been a thousand years and still I long for my mortal life...

“Give him the relics.” – отдайте ему собранные Articles of Dead Heroes.

Далее у задания может быть два исхода, вероятность зависит от того, какую часть от 1000 штук Articles of Dead Heroes вы выбили. Если вам повезет, то:


Antharas Watchman Gilmore скажет...

Could it be? If my eyes aren't deceiving me this used to belong to a friend of mine...

Попросите его “Tell me more, Gilmore”.
Он ответит одно из следующего:

My personal aide wore this key around his neck. He stood by my side during the battle with Antharas 1,000 years ago. He was the first-born son in his family... This key was very important to him. I believe one of his descendants is living in Giran Castle Town. He has the family name of Rodemai. I am bound to this valley so cannot go myself. Would you please take the key to Rodemai in Giran Castle Town? I will pay you for your trouble.

Гилмор даст вам Old Key.
Отнесите его Sir Kristof Rodemai.

Really! So the ancestors of the Rodemai family participated in the expedition to fight Antharas during the Elmoreden Empire? Yes, that does sound familiar. My family has always been a self-sacrificing lot... This key proves it. So, how about that? I appreciate your bringing me something so precious! Here, take this as a token of my appreciation for your hard work.

В награду он даст вам либо 55 шт. Cokes, либо Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade C), либо Ring of Ages.

The recovery of this key has restored the honor of the Rodemai family. It actually traces our ancestry back to the time of the ancient empire! I hope that you will continue working for us...


This sword belonged to one of my aides who fought alongside me against Antharas 1,000 years ago. In the intervening years the blade must have rusted away and only this hilt is left. He was a swordsman without parallel... It is said that one of his descendants is living in Oren Castle Town. It is likely that he is following the family tradition of being a Duelist. I am unable to leave this valley or I would take this relic to him. Would you please do this for me? I will pay you for your trouble.

Гилмор даст вам Old Hilt.
Отнесите его Kaien.

This is the first I've heard of that! I'm so sorry, obviously you've gone to a great deal of trouble for nothing... Wait a moment~ Could I take a closer look at that? This design is remarkably similar to the one engraved on a scabbard that I received from my father... I am beginning to believe you now. I come from a long line of dualists! It has been a tradition in my family for over a thousand years! Charming, no? Thank you, I will accept this... I wish I had more to offer you in return! Please accept these worthless trinkets as a token of my appreciation!

В награду он даст вам либо 25 шт. Oriharukon Ore, либо 10 шт. Varnish of Purity, либо Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade C), либо же Raid Sword.

Your hilt has been taken to a Dwarven craftsman who will fashion a suitable blade for it... Aren't you excited?!


This necklace belonged to a soldier that served under my command in the battle against Antharas. He was the finest Orc I've ever known, a true intellectual. Seriously! I'm fairly certain he was of aristocratic birth. Come to think of it, I've seen that necklace elsewhere. It was worn by an Orc who was a High Prefect from Hunters Village. I would take the necklace to him if I was able to leave this valley, but alas, I cannot. Would you please take it to him? I will compensate you well for your trouble.

Гилмор даст вам Totem Necklace.
Отнесите его Garvarentz.

This necklace and statue prove that what you say is true. Last night I dreamed of an orc. His large body was covered with scars and he was drenched in what must have been his enemy's blood. He gave me this necklace... Thank you, young traveler. Now I shall give the necklace to you. Use it carefully.

В награду он даст вам либо 70 шт. Leather, либо 50 шт. Coarse Bone Powder, либо же Heavy Doom Hammer.

I have entrusted the amulet necklace to my daughter, who I have sent north to the Orc Fortress. She will wear the necklace in battle. I pray the mighty spirit of her ancestor will watch over her.


This crucifix belonged to one of the brave young soldiers who accompanied me here 1,000 years ago to battle the beast Antharas. At that time it shone like the sun. Now it looks so old and weathered... He worshipped in a temple that stood where Aden Castle stands now. Please go to Aden Castle Town and take this crucifix to the temple of Einhasad. Show it to a High Priest at the temple, he will know what to do with it. Even if I could leave the valley to travel there, an undead such as myself could never enter the temple. If you will do this for me I will pay you well.

Гилмор даст вам Einhasad Crucifix.
Отнесите его Orven.

This looks like a badge from our temple...? Don't tell me... Could it be a relic from the battle against Antharas 1,000 years ago? How could it be? I have always feared that our efforts to slay Antharas have been in vain. This old badge tells me that our responsibilities cannot be avoided, no matter the cost. Thank you, young traveler. Please take this small token of appreciation from our temple.

В награду он даст вам либо 19 шт. Stone of Purity, либо 5 шт. Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade C), либо Drake Leather Boots.

А если вам не повезло, то:

      Antharas Watchman Gilmore даст вам по 60 аден за каждые Articles of Dead Heroes.

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