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 Arkenia's Contract A contract written by Arkenia. The contract states that she will give stardust in return for Andariel's book from the Village of Gludin.
 Brunon's Contract This contract says if Brunon gets the 20 stolen jewels back from goblins, he can get the star diamond back.
 Contract The lost contract. Double click to view contents.
 Driko's Contract Vuku Chief Driko's contract. The contract contains instructions to hunt the marsh stakato drones in the Cruma Marshlands.
 Gouph's Contract Collector Gouph drew up this contract when buying the star diamond from Trader Reep. Take this to Trader Reep.
 Orim's Contract I will give you Braki’s remains in return for 10 porta eyes, 10 excuro scales and 10 mordeo talons.
 Pano's Contract A contract Grocer Pano gave you. It says, if you kill Hobgoblins and bring 30 pieces of proof, he will give you potatoes as a reward.
 Reep's Contract Trader Reep drew up this contract when he requested the delivery of the star diamond. Take this to Carrier Torocco.
 Stone of Contract In order to obtain the power of darkness, you will first need to secure this item. Take it to Trader Galman in Dragon Valley.
 Suspicious Contract A suspicious contract completed by collecting suspicious memos. This contract reveals that the Silver Scale Guild requested the brigands to attack the freight wagons.
 Tyra's Contract The contract that Trader Tyra has drawn up. The contract states that Tyra will trade 10 pouches of red spore dust for a Malrukian wine.
 Weapons Trade Contract The contract that was carried by an Ol Mahum General. It is stamped with the Mark of the Dwarves. Take it to Guard Alvah.

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